Causes And Effects Of Noise Pollution Essay

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During elections and demonstrations, public address systems are also commonly used.

Accordingly, public address systems in their own way contribute to noise pollution.

The high intensity of sound produced by machines in various industries, mills, and factories are the major causes of industrial noise pollution.

Engineering companies, printing presses, textile mills, and metal works immensely generate noise pollution.

It merely occurs when sounds waves of intense pressure reach the human ears and may even affect the body muscles due to sound vibrations.

Causes And Effects Of Noise Pollution Essay How To Write An Cause And Effect Essay

Even though noise pollution does not cause death, it can create a lot of discomforts.

In the contemporary society, noise has become a permanent aspect owing to the daily activities such as transportation, industrial manufacturing, and technology.

In contrast to the other types of pollution, noise pollution lacks the element of accumulation in the environment.

In the state of Punjab in India, noise levels in the ranges of 90 d B to 98 d B have been recorded owing to the operations of agricultural machinery.

People who use the machines, for instance, tractors and harvesters have to put on noise proof gadgets.


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