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The thesis statement will establish the focus for your paper.In a cause and effect essay, your thesis should let readers know if you’re writing about causes, effects, or both.It’s a quick way to list information before you actually begin writing.

The essay does provide an overview of the topic, lists causes and effects, and uses transitions. One of the key problems in the introductions is the lack of a thesis statement. While the paper uses transitions to link ideas, it goes overboard. Hopefully that helps you avoid some of these issues in your own essay.

At the end of the first paragraph, it does have a broad overview. It includes transitions to link lists of statements rather than introduce fully developed arguments. Now let’s dive into the second of our two cause and effect essay examples.

Move from one idea to the next by using the right transitions and transition sentences.

Here’s a list of transitions you might use in your own cause and effect paper: And for nearly endless transitional possibilities, check out 97 Transition Words for Essays You Need to Know.

You'll find that some of the following topic suggestions emphasize causes while others focus on effects, but keep in mind that these two approaches are closely related and not always easy to tell apart.

Did you know that the effect of panda extinction could be dramatic for the humanity? A student may explore it one of the possible biology cause and effect essay topics.

After exploring this cause and effect essay topics list, remember what we have said in the beginning.

Remember when that annoying light came on while you were driving home last night? The problem: Another light appeared on your dashboard. Writing an effective cause and effect essay isn’t that different from the facts of this scenario.

Whether we choose to focus on causes (the reasons for something) or on effects (the consequences of something) depends on our subject and our purpose for writing.

In practice, however, the relation of cause to effect is often so close that one can't be considered independently of the other.


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