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These six levels as defined by Kuntaka in Vakrotijivitam are- varna vinyāsa- vakratā (phonetic obliquity), pada -purvarddha- vakratā (lexical obliquity), pada-paraddha- vakratā (grammatical obliquity), vakya- vakratā (sentential obliquity), prakarana- vakratā (episodic obliquity) and prabandha- vakratā (compositional obliquity).

Let us first analyze the play from the point of view of phonetic obliquity. ..make an assessment of literature written in English.

To their utter surprise they had unearthed another Thompson-Peers-Boomer. After that Rumsfeld shunned him, seeing to it that he was retired.

Soon thereafter I had the honor of conducting a public interview of General Toguba at Dr.

In phonetic obliquity, similar or identical phonemes are arranged artistically in order to c... It is remarkable to note that these theories are more important than their counterparts i.e. Works Cited 1Girish Karnad, Three Plays: Naga-Mandala, Hayavadana, Tughlaq (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 2000), 45.

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Hereafter the textual citation will be in the text of the paper.

When he arrives to American patriotic centurions in Asia, the United States scores neither higher nor lower than others. With some of these comparative catastrophes in his preface, Hastings reviewed by Howard Jones (Oxford University Press, 2017). In 1965 Philip Caputo landed at Da Nang with the 9th Expeditionary Brigade USMC. Boomer rose in rank, retiring as a four-star general, commandant of the Marine Corps. Since My Lai and Vietnam, has the United States fought by a high standard? He retired on that California campus as a lieutenant colonel having served in South Korea, West Germany, and South Vietnam.

As expected, when one arms mainly drafted teenagers with a rifle along with a twelve-week-trained new Officer-Candidate-School lieutenant to push them, fear and loathing of enemy and leader leads to death and destruction. In his 1977 memoir, “A Rumor of War”, this marine enumerated the atrocities against “gooks,” i.e. Caputo’s sergeant suggested “that one of the most brutal things in the world is your average 19-year-old American boy.” Another marine commander, Captain Walt Boomer, decided to tame those brutal boys. It took a Major Thompson, a General Peers, and a Captain Boomer to put the honor back in Duty, Honor, Country! Not when Abu Ghraib enters the picture in the ill-advised, deceitful war against Iraq. Try Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney cheered on by Secretary of State Condi Rice and President George Bush. He then went on to teach in both the Berkeley history and political science departments as well as the University of California Davis and Saint Mary’s College.

He does not even mention the Indian subcontinent in 1947 where Hindus massacred Muslims and Muslims massacred Hindus. Calley’s court-marshal followed; “I was following orders” claimed Calley. In September 1974 the Secretary of the Army paroled Calley.

Democracies fare no better: British, French, and Dutch postwar bloodbaths mounted as their colonial subjects struggled for freedom. This whitewash lasted a year; then the Associated Press blew the cover off the cover-up. His apologists claimed the top brass scapegoated him.


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