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More and more often John found himself jumping into Jane’s projects as deadlines were missed and clients grew increasingly unhappy.By December of 2012, John was considering moving Jane back to an individual contributor or releasing her altogether.

Continue reading or download this case study In order to build higher-performing and more productive teams, organizations in this multi-client case study worked with Flash Point to understand how their teams were performing and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Jane received a BS in Electrical engineering and an MBA from Stanford University in 2003.

They were all high potential – high performers attending the program to become better leaders.

Based upon the 360 feedback Jane found it difficult to deny she needed to improve.

In the case studies below, you’ll learn about a few of our clients, some of the challenges they faced, and how we collaborated with them to develop creative solutions that had a lasting and measurable impact.

Flash Point transitioned the executive team—under the direction of a new CEO and strategic plan—to increase its performance and set a new standard for effective leadership within the organization.

While she knew there was some considerable displeasure with her work style Jane was convinced her technical expertise made up for her interpersonal challenges.

After a few hours at the workshop, Jane was surprised to find the other 9 attendees that had similar backgrounds to hers and held similar positions and levels.

Upon graduation, she joined Company X and was considered by her firm as the expert at customizing SAP and other enterprise software to meet the reporting and other unique client requirements.

In 2010 she was promoted to IT Client Leader and her new responsibilities included leading a team of IT professionals that install new enterprise software systems for the company’s clients.


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