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Wu works as her research assistant), told me the findings resonated because they’re “systematically quantifying something most female economists already know.” The analysis “speaks volumes about attitudes that persist in dark corners of the profession,” Professor Currie said.

Gossip plays an important role in all professions, including economics, and it can often be benign.

But anonymously sourced falsehoods can spread like wildfire, harming people’s careers.

Silvana Tenreyro, a professor at the London School of Economics and a former chairwoman of the European Economics Association’s women’s committee, told me that “every year a crisis or two arose” from rumors started on the forum, “with the typical target being a female student.”Some economists say they find the discourse on to be a breath of fresh air. Borjas said: “While there is some value in that forum, there is also a great deal that is offensive and disturbing.

Over time, it evolved into a virtual water cooler frequented by economics faculty members, graduate students and others.

Case Study Gender Equity New York Times Honesty Is The Best Policy Essay Writing

It now constitutes a useful, if imperfect, archive for studying what economists talk about when they talk among themselves.Wu, who will be starting doctoral studies at Harvard next year, about the forum. Borjas said, “While there is some value in that forum, there is also a great deal that is offensive and disturbing.The problem is I’m not sure exactly where to draw line.” He did not say that all his views about the forum were unchanged. The parallel list of words associated with discussions about men reveals no similarly singular or hostile theme.It includes words that are relevant to economics, such as adviser, Austrian (a school of thought in economics) mathematician, pricing, textbook and Wharton (the University of Pennsylvania business school that is President Trump’s alma mater).Wu mined more than a million posts from an anonymous online message board frequented by many economists.The site, commonly known as (its full name is Economics Job Market Rumors), began as a place for economists to exchange gossip about who is hiring and being hired in the profession.Justin Wolfers is a professor of economics and public policy at the University of Michigan. The Upshot provides news, analysis and graphics about politics, policy and everyday life. Even as more women add a law degree to their résumés, carving out a successful career at a law firm remains an uphill endeavor.Professor Card described her as “an extraordinary student.”She is also tenacious, and when I asked Ms.Wu whether the sexism she documented had led her to reconsider pursuing a career in economics, she said that it had not.


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