Case Studies In Law School

For a given class, a professor will assign several cases from the casebook to read, and may also require students to be familiar with any notes following those cases.

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To set up the case method of law study, American law professors traditionally collect the most illustrative cases concerning a particular area of the law in special textbooks called casebooks.

Some professors heavily edit cases down to the most important paragraphs, while deleting nearly all citations and paraphrasing everything else; a few present all cases in full, and most others are in between.

They frequently come with copyright notices and may often be outdated.

Many such sites also warn their users that relying on these outlines alone will not be sufficient to prepare for an exam and they should only be used as a supplement to the studying process.

Outlines often remove many legal nuances and fact specific distinctions in case law to establish more generalized legal principles.

Students must remember to be cautious before relying on outlines written by others found on online databases.A typical example in the law of contracts is Hadley v Baxendale (1854), a case that is still routinely tested on bar examinations today.Treatises designed for practicing lawyers as well as textbooks for students earning non-legal degrees (i.e., business law courses for business administration students) concisely state the famous rules announced in that case that (1) consequential damages are limited to those foreseen by the parties at the time of contracting, thus implying that (2) a party must notify the other up front of its specific needs in order to expand what is mutually foreseeable and thereby recover consequential damages if the other breaches.The case study will be developed by the Grunin Center in partnership with the Social Innovation & Investment Initiative of the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, and will examine the unique legal, business and policy issues faced by the Micro Build Fund.The case study will also be accompanied by a suite of teaching notes that can be used by educators across different disciplines.“Furthermore, by supporting the creation of a case study that combines legal, policy and business issues, we hope to advance more interdisciplinary approaches (in classrooms and in boardrooms) to addressing the world’s most pressing problems.” About the Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship The Grunin Center for Law and Social Entrepreneurship is the first center of its kind at a law school and is a global leader in the field of law and social entrepreneurship.The mission of the Grunin Center is to enhance the community of lawyers and legal institutions engaged in social entrepreneurship and impact investing and to accelerate their effective participation in the field.“Micro Build Fund, together with the expertise of the Grunin Center and NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, presents an exciting opportunity to learn about an innovative financial product that is truly making a difference in the lives of low-income individuals and families, helping them secure the safe, decent, and durable homes that every person deserves.”Once completed, the case study will become part of a virtual library being developed by the Grunin Center.This virtual library will help prepare a new generation of talented, committed, and globally oriented impact professionals by giving educators access to a range of teaching tools to support their efforts to embed themes of social entrepreneurship and impact investing into their course curricula., associate professor of clinical law and faculty co-director of the Grunin Center.One common technique is to provide almost all of the entire text of a landmark case which created an important legal rule, followed by brief notes summarizing the holdings of other cases which further refined the rule.Traditionally, the casebook method is coupled with the Socratic method in American law schools.


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