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Link: Case Study Volumes These are very short (3 or 4 pages) case studies, essentially covering one issue or topic.These can be used in classroom and other situations where the time available for case preparation is limited.It should be noted that participants/ students are expected to see the movie before they participate in a classroom discussion/analysis of any of the CASELENS’ productsread more CASE DEBATE is a prelude to the CASE STUDY.

If “less is more”, Case Slides fit the bill most appropriately.

CASE SPOT is a video-based brief case study, presented from the protagonist’s point of view and the case study is captured at the business spot.

Our collection of featured case studies highlights how organizations are implementing project management practices and using PMI products, programs or services to fulfill business initiatives and overcome challenges.

Representing a broad range of management subjects, the ICMR Case Collection provides teachers, corporate trainers, and management professionals with a variety of teaching and reference material.

While the case discussion and analysis expect the participants to limit their arguments to the case facts, case debate allows them to express their opinions based on their general understanding.

However the case debates are to be conducted purely in an objective way without blurring the lines on either polarization or in a bipartisan mannerread more COURSE CASE MAPS are case products (Case Studies, Caselets, Case Flyers, Case Briefs, Case Spots, Must-Read Articles and Books, Movies) being mapped for a course.Every case study is written with specific pedagogical objectives and when this case study is used along with the suggested background material and the suggested classroom orchestration, the learnings can be quite pronouncing.CASELETS, as opposed to case studies, are brief case studies ranging between 6–8 pages.Case Debates are positioned to be used before the participants are introduced to the case method of teaching.As Case Debates are based on very general topics – relating to societal, cultural, civic, entertainment, sports issues, etc – they are meant to introduce the participants to the nuances of case study discussion and analysis.We will then e-mail a clean copy of the pdf file (without the 'Do Not Copy' watermark) to you, so that you can make the number of copies required.Links: Business Ethics, Business Strategy, Business Environment, Corporate Governance, Economics, Enterprise Risk Management, Finance, Human Resource Management, Innovation, Insurance, IT and Systems, Leadership & Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Miscellaneous, Operations, Project Management These contain collections of selected case studies.Every Case Spot comes with a rigorously written teaching note.CASE LENS is a video-product, based on movies, where the case author presents 4-5 questions for classroom discussion.Only to complement the existing pedagogical tools, case frames are meant to augment the learnings thereof. These are ideally suited for Executive MBA programs, Executive Development Programs for participants with reasonable work experience bereft of which these products’ expected learning outcomes may not be accomplished as intended.Each of the case slides, based on a theme, comprising of few slides with brief text, are followed by detailed questions that can be used to orchestrate the intended classroom discussion.


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