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FDOT also supports aviation studies and documents such as the Florida Statewide Economic Impact Study, the Air Service Study, the Airport Demand/Capacity Study, the Air Cargo Executive Summary Brochure, and Airport Air Service Profiles.Finally, FDOT develops several aviation forecast documents, including the Commercial Service Enplanement Forecast, the Commercial Service Operations Forecast, the General Aviation Based Aircraft Forecast, and the General Aviation Operations Forecast.Air Service Study The Analysis of Scheduled Commercial Air Service in Florida Update 2011 was created to provide FDOT and its aviation partners with present and historical data to benchmark changes in Florida’s commercial airline service. The study provides an analysis of the airline industry in Florida, including travel patterns, demand for service, nonstop destinations, and fare costs, as well as factors that may affect the industry such as the cost of fuel.

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2016 Florida Air Cargo Study Serving as the most recent revision to the legacy Air Cargo System Plan Updates, the 2016 Florida Air Cargo Study provides a comprehensive review of global air cargo trends and their implications to the Florida air cargo market.

The goals and objectives of the study are to identify major trends within the air cargo industry and analyze the implications to Florida’s airports, both commercial service and general aviation, with scheduled air cargo activity.

Economic benefits are expressed as direct, indirect, and induced (multiplier) impacts.

Direct impacts are those associated with on-airport businesses, airport construction, and airport management.

Those stakeholders provide the input necessary to keep the FASP as current and modern as possible through continual revisions and updates.

CFASPP also provides an opportunity to continually monitor the aviation environment and determine the development requirements to best meet projected aviation demands.The study expresses economic impacts in terms of total economic activity (output), employment, and payroll.The Florida Statewide Economic Impact Study is a crucial document for increasing awareness of the significance of aviation’s role in Florida’s statewide economy.To be included in the FASP, and thereby eligible for public funding, an airport must be sponsored by a grant-eligible public agency.A grant-eligible agency is a Florida unit of local government (i.e.Florida Statewide Economic Impact Study The Florida Statewide Economic Impact Study was prepared as part of an element of the FASP, and has been routinely updated as conditions in the State warrant.The study provides an estimated, annual economic impact on the economy of the state of Florida associated with 20 commercial service airports, 100 public-use general aviation airports, and 11 military aviation facilities.The study is divided into subtopics which include: You may contact the Aviation Environmental and Freight Manager for additional information.You may also download the complete 2016 Florida Air Cargo Study or visit the Air Cargo System Plan Updates website to view a listing of all previous updates.The FASP also includes a strategic planning element, identifying seven strategic goals considered essential by a stakeholders group of aviation professionals.You may contact the Aviation System Development Manager for additional information. Continuing Florida Aviation System Planning Process The Continuing Florida Aviation System Planning Process (CFASPP) is comprised of nine regional committees and one statewide committee whose members include aviation professionals and other transportation/planning experts from across the State.


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