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For this reason, people can easily interpret where to live with all facilities and cheaply.

For this reason, people can easily interpret where to live with all facilities and cheaply.

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Almost all low price neighborhoods are close to restaurants, pubs, sports facilities etc.

Some Boroughs such as Westminster, and Kensington and Chelsea have very high house prices.

The name of the course comes from the term capstone, used to describe the final stone placed at the top of a building or a monument.

So capstone courses serve as the pinnacle of a program of study.

Its estimated mid-2016 municipal population (corresponding to Greater London) was 8,787,892, the most populous of any city in the European Union and accounting for 13.4% of the UK population.

London’s urban area is the second most populous in the EU, after Paris, with 9,787,426 inhabitants at the 2011 census.

The code for this project can be found in my github repository. Since this is my first article on medium and also my first full length project, there might be few mistakes and errors.

Please feel free to comment any errors or mistakes that I might have made so that I can correct myself and learn.

To consider the above problem the data is collected as following: I removed all the hyperlinks and there are more than one Postal codes for some Locations so I kept only one Postal code.

For the next table of average housing prices the data initially looked like this: First of all I removed all null values and then get rid of unwanted columns and only kept ‘Area’ and ‘Avg price’ columns.


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