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Our apprehension of the design of the cilium or intracellular transport rests on the same principles as our apprehension of the jungle trap: the ordering of separate components to achieve an identifiable function that depends sharply on the components. Accordingly nobody who teaches biology can do without references and analogies to artefacts.

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Can Science Explain Everything Essay Persasive Essay

In that respect phenomenology is the modern heir of what was former called natural philosophy.We describe an organism as a whole, whose parts are organized in such a way as to enable the joint performance of a function no single component could accomplish in isolation, and that description corresponds exactly to the description of artefacts designed by human beings.We see the complex systems of the organisms, and we get a clear impression of design and purpose.It is a big problem that today there seems only to be two categories; science and religion.The idea of design in nature fits into neither of these categories, and therefore we tend to loose it as a valid concept for expressing our experience of nature.That is a huge problem because we cannot be content with the reductive view of nature that natural science offers us.A view of nature based on natural science tells us that nature is nothing but meaningless mechanisms and chance events. Were we to take it really seriously our lives would quickly disintegrate.The idea is being identified with creationism and as such it is seen as a religious undermining of sound science; consequently it is almost impossible to be sympathetic to the idea of design in nature in the USA.This is not the situation in Europe where creationism is insignificant.In the time of Newton—who certainly favoured the idea of design in nature—when there was no difference between science and natural philosophy it was categorized as science.Today when science has become a more well defined project the idea cannot be categorized as science.


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