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And that is awfully heavy baggage for materialism to carry, Barr concludes.Also noteworthy are two tough reviews of books by Richard Dawkins, whom Barr takes to task among other things, for being sloppy about his science.Does quantum mechanics make it easier to believe in God? "It doesn’t provide an argument for the existence of God.

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I trust the pediatrician, but not always the child psychologist.

When we had our first child, my wife read a number of books on how to raise one’s kids.

Chief among the most memorable are his debate with Cardinal Schönborn over the role of chance in evolution, Chapter 6. Chapter 8 is his highly charged attack on the Intelligent Design movement as 'a debacle'.

It is time to take stock: What has the intelligent design movement achieved? The goal of science is to increase our understanding of the natural world, and there is not a single phenomenon that we understand better today or are likely to understand better in the future through the efforts of ID theorists.

If we are to look for ID achievements, then, it must be in the realm of natural theology.

And there, I think, the movement must be judged not only a failure, but a debacle.In his previous book he showed that he did not know the difference between a cosmic ray and a gamma ray.The Einstein myth is part of the larger Romantic myth of the genius as rebel: Beethoven shaking his fist at the heavens.  Partly, this is because experimental data serves as a reality principle.  Partly it is because science is so technical that the b.s.In contrast, the Many Worlds Interpretation tries to avoid assigning any special ontological status to the observer, Barr writes. Because if the mathematics of quantum mechanics is right (as most fundamental physicists believe), he points out, and if materialism is right, then one is forced to accept the Many Worlds view. In the Many Worlds picture, you exist in a virtually infinite number of versions: in some branches of reality you are reading this article, in others you are asleep in bed, in others you have never been born.Even proponents of the Many Worlds idea admit that it sounds crazy and strains credulity.Stephen Barr has been writing about the intersection of science and religious faith for years.A professor in the department of physics and astronomy at University of Delaware, Barr is the author of Modern Physics and Ancient Faith.Many of Barrs essays have appeared in the journal What many take to be a conflict between religion and science is really something else. Materialism regards itself as scientific, and indeed is often called “scientific materialism,” even by its opponents, but it has no legitimate claim to be part of science.It is, rather, a school of philosophy, one defined by the belief that nothing exists except matter, or, as Democritus put it, “atoms and the void.” From there, he ranges over evolution, the Big bang, mind and consciousness, reductionism and also myths about the history of science.


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