Business Recovery Plan Sample

Update the Table of Contents (right click and select “Update Fields”) and then publish.These examples are provided as guidance on to how to complete a section and supplement the information provided in the instructional text. bullet lists) may be used as-is, added to, or deleted, while in other cases (e.g.

The Network Team will be responsible for assessing damage specific to any network infrastructure and for provisioning data and voice network connectivity including WAN, LAN, and any telephony connections internally within the organization as well as telephony and data connections with the outside world.

This person’s primary role will be to guide the disaster recovery process and all other individuals involved in the disaster recovery process will report to this person in the event that a disaster occurs at , regardless of their department and existing managers.

All efforts will be made to ensure that this person be separate from the rest of the disaster management teams to keep his/her decisions unbiased.

If desired, our services team can guide you through the process to customize the template or create a comprehensive DR plan that best meets your own requirements and goals.

This template can be used as a guide to compose a self-created DR Plan for your organization.


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