Business Recovery Plan Examples

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See below for an example of a fictitious firm located in St.

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This can make it easy to determine what to protect, since in many ways, compliance regulations already decide for you.

Most businesses, however, just need to restore operations in order to remain viable after a disaster.

In this way, what’s saved is usually just a raw factor of what makes the company money.

Let’s walk through a couple of hypothetical examples.

A hurricane striking St Louis is highly unlikely and garners a low overall score. Louis is near the New Madrid Fault, it’s at risk of a catastrophic earthquake affecting personnel, property and the business and thus scores very high.

To show how much this can vary from location to location, the following is based on another fictitious firm in Cheyenne, Wyoming: The key server failure keeps the same score, and Cheyenne is probably as unlikely as St. However, Cheyenne has a less than 5 percent chance of experiencing any seismic activity[1] and therefore has a very low probability of an earthquake.But providing resources—financial or otherwise—to recover everything is not feasible for every organization, nor is it necessarily a wise use of limited time, money and staff.Some compliance standards may dictate what must be protected and may be audited to prove that data is protected.Having a prioritized list of applications ready to go is invaluable.Beyond the monetary expense of determining what to save is the effort and manpower expense.An organization’s human resource records were preserved in offsite cloud backups, but it didn’t have a concrete plan for restoring them after a disaster event.At the time, HR systems were still run on local servers.In the event of a wildfire, his plan is to grab the bag, cell phone, backup drive for the computer and evacuate in his car.He’s willing to let everything else be “toast,” becoming part of his claim to the insurance company.This doesn’t mean you lose them forever though: Using a service like cloud backups will preserve the training data until a plan can be formulated to restore the servers.But the important part of the decision-making process is determining what to be online right away and what can be restored at a later time.


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