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Check out Google trends for keywords related to your app idea.Ideally, you app should target a problem and a growing market, and Google Trends can give you a fair idea about your prospects.

Keep in mind though that if you are working on an app idea which doesn’t have any traction yet (think of pioneers like Uber) Google Trends won’t help.

Check out the featured apps on the app store, especially the top apps in your category for both free and paid versions.

This point is related to the why of your app, but succinctly tells users why your app is better than the others.

Your USP will inform how you approach your market, how you deliver the messaging, and how you deliver customer support.

Another “why” could be addressing the deficiencies of the apps you currently use. You need to validate whether there is a market for your app, and also guesstimate the size of the market.

There are multiple ways to validate whether people will use your app.You can also use Top App Charts to track the top ranking i OS apps.You can also use third party app analytics platforms like App Annie and Sensor Tower to get more details about the size of the market and understand what you’re up against.Your USP will also help you position the app versus your competition.The previous phase where you validate your idea will uncover a wealth of information about your users.If done well surveys and questionnaires can give you unmatched insights about customer behavior which would add more weight to your mobile application business plan.If you already have an audience (email list, Facebook group, Slack group), it’s relatively easy to ask questions about usage patterns and user behavior.If you don’t have a following you could still run Twitter polls, send traffic to a survey from a Facebook ad, or post a poll in one of the many Facebook groups.Pro tip: When you run a survey, ask what should you do to make it a no-brainer for the user to download the app.Your go-to market strategy will also depend on the mix of marketing channels that you have chosen.At this stage of drafting your marketing plan it’s also helpful to analyze the stories of apps who used smart tactics and out of the box strategies to market themselves and grow exponentially.


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