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Strategy is about choices: knowing what to do as much as knowing what not to do.Your strategic plan tells your people what they should be doing so that they don't have to worry about doing the wrong things, or having to go to a manager every time there is a decision to make.

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In addition, operational objectives change; the objectives aren't intended to be permanents or long term.

The timeline should be scheduled with your company's long-term goals in mind.

The document that contains the strategic plan is not what is valuable; it's the information within it and the process used to create it, that is then SHARED and COMMUNICATED with the rest of your team.

A great strategy is most often re-evaluated on an ongoing basis (yearly or quarterly, for example), rather than being a static document just sitting in a binder.

Below are common milestones new businesses should plan for.

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When you completed your Management Plan Worksheet in the previous course, you jotted down which key hires you needed right away and which could wait.In the previous course, you outlined your company's strategic plan, which answers questions about your business mission.An operational plan outlines the steps you'll take to complete your business mission.In this section of your plan, you'll clearly state what your company's operational objective is.Your operational objective is different than your company's overall objective.Your operations plan should be able to answer the following: In this session, we explain each item to include in your operations plan.The key to an operations plan is having a clear objective and goal everyone is focused on completing.The operations section of your business plan is where you explain – in detail – you company's objectives, goals, procedures, and timeline.An operations plan is helpful for investors, but it's also helpful for you and employees because it pushes you to think about tactics and deadlines.Read Why do I need a business plan to find out how writing a business plan can assist your business.Once you've read Before writing your plan and conducted research into the feasibility of your new business you're ready to write your plan.


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