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Whatever specific services you decide to offer, make sure to itemize them and communicate them clearly.You want your customers to know what they’re getting, and you want to make it as easy as possible to be transparent about billing.

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You may not be able to hire your full, ideal staff right out of the gate.

But even in the early days, it’s going to be important to have a solid Medicaid will probably be a primary payer for services.

Developing relationships with insurance providers will probably also be key.

Each insurer most likely will follow their own set of operating guidelines—it’s an initial challenge that should become increasingly smoother from year to year.

Make sure you understand the risks and liabilities so that being underinsured doesn’t bankrupt your company.

Be sure to think through the associated medical supplies you’ll need for your passengers—wheelchairs, gurneys, oxygen tanks, dialysis machines, for example.

When you’re putting together your business plan for your NEMT company, think through the possibilities around the evolution of the organization, and your expectations for growth.

Your attention to detail will encourage confidence in potential investors and help to secure financing for the best start possible.


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