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Outcomes usually belong to the customer — the people or organizations the nonprofit is helping — and are often only available by survey.

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Do you have a “pure” nonprofit or one that is a mix of for-profit and nonprofit activities?

If you have a mix, then you probably need two business plans: one for each part of the business.

There are several nuances in accounting rules between for-profit and nonprofits, which your accountant can help you with.

Be sure to use an accountant with nonprofit experience and other nonprofit clients.

In the previous three installments, we looked at “4 Sections Every Business Plan Must Have (and Why They’re Important),” “Why You Need a Business Plan (and the Best Style for You),” and “When Is a Good Time to Review and Renew Your Business Plan?

” This month, we discuss creating a business plan for a nonprofit.

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But what warms the hearts and minds of potential donors are the “outcomes.” If the nonprofit is a medical clinic, examples of outcomes would be how many lives were saved, how many families were kept intact, and how many days were not lost at work.

Inputs and outputs are usually gathered from the organization’s accounting system or other readily collected data.


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