Business Plan For New Product Launch

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Commercialisation is the process of introducing a new product or service into the market.

Commercialisation is the process of introducing a new product or service into the market.It means making a concept or idea into a real business opportunity.

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Your choice of either joint venture, manufacturing, assignment or licensing can affect your future strategy.

For example, if you're thinking of using overseas manufacturers to produce your product, a commercialisation expert will advise you on key issues such as quality control, freight and distribution.

They key to a great marketing strategy, or multiple strategies, is to know your business, and therefore, your brand, inside and out.

Good, unique, branding is your primary selling point, and can be the key to getting you that market edge over your competitors.

Are you ready to take your new idea to the marketplace?

Small Business Victoria's Commercialising Your New Idea workshop will help you assess the feasibility of your idea, determine its business potential and help you develop a clear commercialisation strategy to help you get to market.

Your launch is your big entrance into the market, and minds of your consumers, and the impression you create from the outset can stick to your business for a very long time.

We’ve boiled down the tips and tricks of successful entrepreneurs and business founders into a few necessary strategies to ensure that you’re pulling up to your entrance in a stretch limo, and not a Nissan Micra.

Moreover, just as your business and product will define your brand, your brand directs your marketing strategy.

If your business is going to be the pizza company to rival Domino's, it’s really no good targeting your marketing and PR towards health and fitness gurus. Getting an early start on communicating with both media outlets and relevant industry influencers is key to actually gaining coverage at the appropriate time for your launch.


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