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The business plan can be compared to a marketing brochure.Your goal is to get the investors as excited as you are about the future prospects for your venture. It’s an expression of your vision for future success. Investors want to back companies that can achieve considerable size in a three- to five-year period.

The solution you are providing the customer must not only be good, it must be important--addressing a problem that the customer has an urgent need to solve, right now.Show them why your market is rapidly developing, or already large, and why your venture will be able to capture market share at an accelerated pace.Explain how your technology works in simple, straightforward terms.”An executive summary is a different document again.It is a smart tool and essential one to have as a cover for your business plan.Approach this by showing what you will do to ensure your product or service offering is so superior that your customers would have little incentive to buy from anyone else. Build credibility with investors by showing past successes your team members have had that will translate into success in your new venture.Show what types of skills and experience are required to succeed in this type of business--and how you have gone about assembling your team with these specific requirements in mind.To attract investment capital for your venture, you have to think like an investor as you write your business plan.Both venture capitalists and angel investors have the difficult task of balancing risk versus reward in their decisions.Their major concern is whether the technology can make money.Present a compelling case for why the customer needs your product and will pay money for it.


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