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Carpe Diem Beverage Company is a new company based in Ogden City, Utah which has developed a new energy drink product named Carpe Diem that intends to exploit the marketing opportunity that currently exists while at the same time delivering a superior healthy product to consumers.This paper outlines a strategic marketing plan for the introduction and marketing of Carpe Diem energy drink in the US market.

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Carpe Diem Beverages Company mission statement is to be a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of healthy, nutritious beverages in the USA.

To satisfy consumers needs while at the same time enhancing the individual and society well being through the use of socially and environmentally friendly production and marketing techniques.

To create and sustain mutually beneficial relationship between the company and its partners who include employees, distributors, suppliers, customers, shareowners and the community in which the company operates.

Its vision is to achieve its mission; Carpe Diem Co.

Carpe Diem energy drink is a superior, healthy product because it uses real fruit as its base products rather than carbonated sugars.

It also uses artificial sweeteners which have low calorific contents.The weaknesses of the company include limited financial resources, limited knowledge and experience and lack of a distributor network.Opportunities of the company include strong growth opportunities in the segment, global marketing opportunities, increasing demand for healthy soft drinks and low barriers of entry.From there they were introduced to Europe and later in 1997, brought into the US market; since their introduction into the US market, the segment has grown rapidly and is now a multibillion industry.Between 20 for instance, the industry grew by a staggering 240% in the US alone (Mintel).The Strengths of the company include a new unique product that is healthy and taste better than its competitors products.The company’s image is favorable due to its social and environmental friendly techniques.Threats include a strong reaction from established and resourced competitors and possibility of imitations and launch of similar products by competitors After considering the SWOT of the new company, there are considerable opportunities for the new product in the market and the level of threats is low and manageable.I therefore recommend the marketing plan to be implemented.Despite the increasing popularity of energy drinks, health concerns have been raised that concerns them.Due to the high level of sugar, caffeine and taurine contained in energy drinks, they are suspected of causing negative health effects if consumed in excess (Heckman et al).


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