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Download this law firm business plan precedent (PDF format and Word format) and adapt it to your particular circumstances. This precedent is a supplement to the Managing the Finances of Your Practice booklet, which provides practical advice on how you can take a more active role and better manage the finances of your practice.Our Law Firm Budget Precedent will help you to better understand your revenue and expenses.Is it your goal to make partner by a specific year? Are you interested in being a state or federal prosecutor?

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They also recommended looking into free resources such as local bar associations and doing online research to help inform the process: “There is value in learning to how to run a business from anybody, starting is law firm is not very different to getting people to come to a new restaurant, it’s about getting clients to invest in your firm.” There are also a few pitfalls to avoid in starting a law practice. Instead, they offered other creative ways to market their firms.

Whether it is through blogging on timely legal issues or attending industry events, all avenues should be considered and explored.

No single, specific format is needed for a business plan.

The business plan addressed in this article is geared toward establishing a plan for your overall career, with specific objectives set out over a one-year period, and overall goals for five and 10 years later.

Be precise, especially in the finances or budget part of the plan.

Budgeting and managing your cash flows will be a big part of remaining in business.It is a concise and organized summary of how you intend to start and remain in business.It is composed of four main areas: a general description of your business, your financial plan, your management plan, and your marketing plan.One attorney said blogging monthly helped her broaden her presence to a national audience.Another attorney, who runs two law firms, now pays an outside vendor to help her write blog posts and manage SEO for her firms.For example, let’s consider a plan for a young attorney’s overall career, and to set targets over the next 10 years.This business plan will take a high-level look at your overall career goal, careers goals for the next five and 10 years, and then will set specific goals for the next year.If you want to be successful, you should consider how your law firm will operate well before you open your doors.A business plan is your roadmap to the future – you can show it to banks, suppliers or others whom you deal with when starting your practice.This includes any long-term business goals and a well thought out strategy for how the firm is going to retain and will new clients.” She also reminded the audience to, “always revisit the plan and use it as a tool not only to grow the firm, but learn from trial and error.” 2. Another attorney and solo firm owner, recommended tracking and growing clients based on the quality of the relationship: “It’s less about the numbers and more about the quality of the source or client.” In other words, it’s better to have five good clients, who pay bills in a timely fashion and communicate effectively, than 15 who do not. All three attorneys unanimously agreed that while law school prepared them to practice and interpret the law, what it didn’t do was prepare them for how to run a real business. The attorneys unequivocally agreed it is important to diversify the firm’s marketing efforts as much as possible.Another attorney recommended investing in law firm practice management tools to help inform and catalogue good, quality leads and existing clients. The attorneys talked about the importance of finding mentors to help learn about the practical aspects involved in running a business. Another attorney, who now runs a thriving law practice in downtown Boston, there were plenty of people who told her to give up on her dream of opening her own firm and instead, recommended she look for a job at an “established firm.” Here’s what she had to say about dealing with negative forces, “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, there were plenty of people who told me I couldn’t do it.” The she added, instead of focusing on a few negative comments, keep the end goal in sight and stay positive. While the bulk of the attorneys admitted a large majority of their clients are referrals based, that can’t be relied on as the firm’s sole strategy to win and retain new clients.


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