Business Intelligence Project Plan

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Standardizing the procedure and process is highly recommended.

Whether you are supporting one BI application with only five users or multiple BI applications with thousands users, system administration and maintenance are vital.

The translation process also helps technical and business teams to ensure they are on the same page.

Once the target is defined, BI architects will select the appropriate tools and technology, create data models, map the overall workflow from source systems to BI analytics, and oversees the database ETL and BI development teams from a technical perspective.

Typically a BI project has the following steps: In many cases business users will be responsible for gathering and prioritizing business needs; documenting them as formal business requirements; interacting with the business side on the data accuracy, quality and completeness; and ensuring the business provides feedback on how well the solutions generated meet their needs.

Business Intelligence Project Plan Oil Research Paper

This step provides the necessary information to better understand the present state as well as the knowledge needed to properly plan for the amount of time, money and resources needed to accomplish project goals and objectives.

Business Intelligence tools have been one of the most prolific software investments for many organizations in the last decade; from Fortune 100 companies to small 100 person organizations.

Providing historical, current, and predictive views of business operations, BI tools offer limitless possibilities within your organization.

Often BI development teams will work with Database ETL teams to define the business and data requirements, as well as the target data models to be used by BI applications.

This stage includes but is not limited to creating and developing BI content such as models, metrics, reports, analysis, query, and ETL process to create well designed and performance focused data marts/data warehouse, as well as security implementation.


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