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Not using data to build your floor plan should thus be obvious: you’ll be working blind, hoping that what you’re doing is right.

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As mentioned above, with this information at hand, you can spread out your most popular product grouping, thus avoiding floor congestion. This is as much about pleasing your customers as it is about increasing your sales and profit.

On top of that, by spreading your categories out strategically, you can increase foot traffic around your entire store and expose your customers to more of your merchandise. Then again, if you focus on your customer first, and provide for their needs and wants, the direct result is a boost in your bottom line.

Apply our feature sets and make sure that your work flows, based on floor plan data. And the magicplan Cloud ensures you can Export floor plans into a number of different formats.

Utilize magicplan to estimate materials & costs and place markups. Generate PDF reports containing statistics, photos, and questionnaires.

That happens when you give each category the proper space allocation relative to their overall sales contribution to your store.

One of the reasons for designing a floor plan is to create a pathway for your customers to walk.Because as soon as you do, you’ll find out the truth.Below are three such There is a perception that when it comes to building a floor plan, you don’t need anything more than a high-level version. Not that it’s difficult to understand where this rumour originates.Transform 2D floor plans into 3D models with one tap.Generate quotes on site and order materials from within the app.As a result, you reduce the possibility of congestion in your store during peak shopping hours.Just as there are myths about any other retail topic, there are also those that surround floor planning.In other words, it’s a visual representation or retail blueprint of where and how to position your categories in your store.By taking this big picture view of your stores, you’ll also often hear it described as “macro space planning”. Along with this macro view of your store, your floor plan also allows you to determine how much shelf space each of your categories should receive. Maximise the selling potential of your retail space By apportioning the correct amount of space to each of your categories, you can ensure that you don’t waste any of your floor space.Take clients on virtual tours and publish landing pages for properties.magicplan ensures you get the best results, every time."With the addition of magicplan to our current mobile technology we have the capability to complete full floor plans for our inspection product compared to our current footprint sketches.Floor Planning describes the entire layout of your store at a category level.


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