Business Continuity Communication Plan

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A business continuity plan involves the following: When developing a BCP all threats that could cease regular business should be determined.

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Continuity plans that prioritize critical and unique functions, activities or services lower risks for your department or office.

A well-detailed plan maps the way from disruption to resumption and back to normal operations.

Business continuity planning is the practice of planning how you will run your service or business unit processes when normal operating procedures are not possible.

BCP is the process of taking a snapshot of all the functions your department performs on an annual basis.

Communication during and after an emergency presents a variety of challenges.

So, crafting an employee safety and communication plan that works is absolutely essential.A call tree, sometimes referred to a phone tree, call list, phone chain or text chain, is another popular method for distributing important information to employees during and following an event. A predetermined employee initiates the call chain with a call to the next person on the chain.That employee contacts the next person on the list and the chain continues until everyone on the call tree has been reached.Not having good BCPs can be detrimental to university financial concerns, branding, and reputation.IU is expected to teach and support teaching and research efforts without fail. Because everyone has a role in the success of the division, department or unit, it is best that all parties assist in providing the knowledge and expertise about the functions and operations for the plan. IU encourages plans be written for the ‘worst case scenario.’ If you plan for the worst and then hope for the best, you are prepared for recovery from any incident occurring at any time.Depending on the structure of your organization, you may want to keep managers updated, allowing them to pass on information to direct reports on a “need-to-know” basis.Again, the specifics of your business will dictate the correct approach.The specifics will vary widely from company to company, but your emergency safety and communication plan must address the following: The first part will depend heavily on the nature and location of your business.Safety planning for a large manufacturing facility will obviously be very different than for a small real estate office, for example.Some businesses employ redundant Exchange servers or cloud-based services to ensure email access.Of course, if you are without Internet access entirely, you’ll need an alternative.


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