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مزایای داشتن برند برای یک کتابخانه تخصصی این است که می‌تواند به بهترین و مطمئن‌ترین شکل، کالاها و محصولات فرهنگی و اطلاعاتی خود را معرفی کند و با حک کردن دائمی و ماندگاری نام خود در ذهن مخاطبانش موجب افزایش عرضه و تقاضای کالاها و خدمات فرهنگی و اطلاعاتی خود می‌شود.Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater is one of the most unique houses in the world, and it needed people just as unique to help make this timeless treasure a reality.This situation is unfortunate because all three fields study a similar phenomenon by using complementary conceptualizations, theories, and methods; we argue that this development in silos represents an unnecessary obstacle to the development of a common discipline.

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Fallingwater has always been a place for inspired thinking. donated Fallingwater and over 1,500 acres surrounding it to the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC) in 1963, he envisioned Fallingwater not only as a place where visitors would come to experience great architecture but also as a place where a deeper experience of art and nature might occur.

In a letter dated October 14, 1963, Kaufmann said, “This gift is made in memory of my parents, Liliane S. Kaufmann; their wish, in which I join, was that the great natural beauty and architectural excellence of the property which they developed might be more fully available to interested scholars and lovers of nature and the arts.”Each year, Fallingwater Institute honours the vision of Edgar Kaufmann, jr.

یکی از راهکارهای مدیریت کتابخانه‌ها به منظور پیشرفت در بازار رقابتی جهان، برنامه‌ریزی جهت دستیابی به برندسازی کتابخانه است.

فرآیند برندسازی یکی از مواردی است که باعث افزایش میزان آگاهی کاربران از خدمات کتابخانه و افزایش وفاداری به کتابخانه می‌شود.

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Hence, the purpose of this paper is to develop a framework to select and manage B2B branding strategies.

Design/methodology/approach This study’s arguments are developed in line with Mac Innis’s (2011) guidelines on conceptual contributions in marketing.

However, until date, a comprehensive understanding of B2B branding strategies is lacking. more Purpose In the past decades, a growing body of studies has assessed the importance of brands in business-to-business (B2B) markets.

However, until date, a comprehensive understanding of B2B branding strategies is lacking.


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