Boyz In The Hood Essay

The main instrument in the movie is the wailing saxophone.

When the saxophone is played it allows for the intensity of the scene to build to its climax.

Furious, who seems to be the lone present father in the hood, goes on a fishing expedition with Tré.

He tells him of the dangers of unprotected sex and along with the task of parenthood.

On Tré's arrival, the father orders him to rake the lawn and allocates other domestic roles.

Tré's father points out to him that even though these responsibilities might appear unwarranted and cruel, learning to be responsible will shape Tré into a man and help him avoid being killed or incarcerated.The teacher was oblivious of Tré's father existence.Annoyed with her incapacity to rein in Tré's record of defiance, the mother sends Tré to his father Furious Styles (played by Laurence Fishburne), who lives in the Crenshaw area of South Central LA hoping that Tré will discover life lessons.On his first night in his father’s house, Tré hears his Furious shooting at a thief.The cops come over an hour later and classify the crime as trivial because nothing was stolen and the thief run away unhurt.MOVING BEYOND THE BOUNDARIES: HOW THE USE OF MUSIC DEVELOPS JOHN SINGLETON'S BOYZ N THE HOOD John Singleton's movie Boyz N The Hood is the story of three young men who are forced to deal with the reality of life in South Central, Los Angeles.Singleton uses this setting to illustrate the obstacles facing these young black men who unavoidably encounter violence all around them.Doughboy decides to fight back and is kicked in the abdomen.Another elder teenager later gives the ball back to Ricky.Tré gets a 3-day suspension in school due to misbehavior after fighting a classmate.Tré's mother, when talking about the disciplinary problems with his teacher, Reva (played by Angela Bassett), shocks from the teacher by mentioning her education and Tré's father.


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