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George Packer’s , the empathy and humility and love of Grace Paley.

And because this is for our program blog, we’d love to know: how did the BU MFA help you?

What’s really surprised me is how satisfying it’s been to share the piece with Nate’s old friends.

I don’t think anything I’ve accomplished in terms of publishing my work has meant more to me than the gratitude some of them have expressed.

And, as a triad, they told the most arresting yet cohesive narrative.

Finally, the way that their communities psychologically conspired against them was emblematic for me of much of America’s projection of their sexual fears onto others.

I interviewed hundreds of people, twenty-five minutes or at length (for over a month or more). It was hard to do that, but Sloane, Maggie, and Lina were the most comfortable with my presence in their lives at length and across poignant moments.

They let me into their minds ten times more than the next person.

The instances I most loved came when I was observing them from a distance, quietly writing, taking notes, taking in the environment while not being a part of the action.

For example, after Lina was intimate with Aidan in their sacred spot, I would travel there right after, to take in the smells and sounds and sights of the river at dusk.


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