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In keeping with that competitiveness, Boston University freshmen are high academic achievers who stand out among their high school classmates.

Boston University freshmen are, above all, diverse.

Roughly 80% of students who enroll in Boston University are from outside of Massachusetts, and about 1/5 of the incoming student body are international students.

By necessity, lots of people fall outside of the 98th percentile for ACT scores.

With a lower ACT score, you still certainly have a chance of being admitted.

This is a surprisingly manageable standard, something any hard working student has a chance of pulling off.

An A- is actually far easier to maintain than a near-perfect A or perfect A , both of which are equivalent to a 4.0.

Here are some additional tips from jcante, from Admit See, for how to write your essay: “In my ‘why us’ college summary, I mentioned the cultural and diverse aspects of Boston University.

I explained that by being in the center of the city, I would be in close proximities to many museums and concert halls.

As with the Boston University SAT scores, Boston University ACT scores have no minimum. So your surest best at getting into Boston University is to be in the top 2% of ACT test takers.

(Again, there’s a parallel to Boston University SAT averages, which are also 98th percentile.) If you’re not in the top 2%, don’t feel bad.


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