Book Report On Eragon

On the plus side, Eragon is enjoyable, entertaining and a book that will appeal to young adults around the world.

Eragon finds a rock while hunting in the wilderness in the Kingdom of Alagalsia.

He brings the rock home to his uncle's farm, near the village of Carvahall, and asks everyone for their opinions about the rock, but no one knows what it is.

Brom and Eragon set out to search for and kill the Ra'zac, the beings responsible for killing Garrow.

Brom teaches Eragon the magical knowledge from the secret elven language that will make Eragon and Saphira together very powerful.

Although Eragon and Brom are able to escape their enemies initially, the Ra'zac in Dras-Leona surprise Eragon and Brom, holding them hostage.

Book Report On Eragon

The two are rescued by Murtagh, but Brom is mortally wounded by the Ra'zac.Eragon and Saphira travel outside the boundaries of their land to fight on the side of the Varden, the enemies of the king.Eragon is able to kill a powerful wizard, the Shade named Durza, and save the Varden and the dwarves.Later, he tests his abilities with Arya the elf after she recovers from her poisoning by the Shade Durza.The Urgals invade at Farthen Dyr, and Eragon and Saphira are enlisted to fight off the monsters.Eragon finds a poisonous oil, so he and Brom decide to journey to the coastal city of Teirm to trace its destination.At Teirm, the witch, Angela, tells Eragon his fortune.One day, the rock finally begins to crack open, and a dragon is born.Eragon puts his hand on the newborn dragon and a bolt of energy racks his body, making a silver, oval-shaped scar on the palm of his hand.On the run from Urgals and soldiers, Eragon, Saphira, and Murtagh make their way through a small part of the massive Hadarac Desert. They are chased by Urgals to the entrance of the Varden and pulled into the mighty mountain of Farthen Dyr, which contains the marble city of Tronjheim.Eragon meets with the leader of the Varden Ajihad and with King Hrothgar, the leader of the dwarves.


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