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Heres what you would need to define within s in order to make that happen (changes are highlighted.custom a color: #090; benefits of money essay text-decoration: none;.custom a :visited color: #999; text-decoration: none;.custom a :hover color: #f60; text-decoration: none; Because of the rule of specificity, which is a behavior.

Below, youll find the theory behind Thesis simple customization system and a technical explanation of how to pull it off on your own, but lets be honest herewhy reinvent the wheel?

That would be down here inside of the body tag at the bottom. So here we are now on our Thesis post and if we just scroll down here to the bottom, yeah to the… I’m sorry, not quite the bottom but to the javascript meta box here. Then the next thing we’re going to do is take his HTML and we’re going to use the HTML view to insert it rather than say the visual view.

All you have to do is paste that javascript meta box or paste that code in the meta box and it needs to start with the starting scripts tag and then it needs to end with the ending script tags. So we’ll switch over to HTML, come back over to his stuff, and we’ll just go ahead and copy his h1 all the way through his button.

and then for styling, we’re going to have to do a couple of tricks. And so we come back over to his page and we have to copy the javascript starting with the one scripts tag and ending with the other.

So the first thing I’m going to do here actually is just open up another page entirely on a site that we’ll just play around with. Now, he placed the javascript in the head and there’s nothing wrong with placing the javascript in the head except that it slows down the loading of the page. We’re going to place it where Thesis wants to place it which is at the end of the HTML tag. what’s going to happen is when we’re done with that, that’s going to show up at the bottom of the page rather than the top.On top of that, it would be nearly impossible for you to go through a stylesheet that youve hacked up and pinpoint each and every little thing youve changed.Skip to content, support » Plugin: Autoptimize » Autoptimize found a problem with the html in your Theme, tag /body missing probably a problem with another plugin messing with the output buffer @wooncherk, you could either try to disable (and re-enable) other plugins one.February 21, 2013 at pm #1156972, he was referring to classes on the body tag. Once youve done that, your resulting body tag should look something like this: body class"custom" After that, save the p file and upload it to your server. Germany pop culture essay thesis, Dr eric williams thesis, Thesis about healthy eating, Where to put thesis statement in paper, Follow the instructions outlined in the s file, or else check out the rest of this article to get an idea how these custom styles work.Org wordpress-thesis-theme up vote 0 down vote, your Answer draft saved draft discarded, sign up or log.So the very first thing we need to do is add your script to the page.Now, if we look on the page that your friend had made for you and we’ll just view the page source, everything that we need to do is here.And then we come to our first label, label for number of Euros, Euros you have in coins and then the closing label tag.What Word Press does is it inserts this br tag which is a line break tag and there really isn’t any way to prevent that from happening.He is in the business of euro exchange it would be convenient for to have this kind of feature to his site. So here, we show how to fix that problem by simply adding script code to the page.But I’m going to start off with Christian and take on this question about this custom javascript code. I just wondered whether it might be worth me giving a little bit of context to my question so that other listeners sort of understand what we’re trying to do here. Okay I have a website called uk and what the service we provide is we exchange Euro coins for pounds.


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