Bloody Sunday 1905 Essay

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However, there are pointers that suggest that they didn?

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Instead, Russia suffered a series of humiliating defeats at the hands of the Japanese, a supposedly backward nation, and these setbacks led to unrest at home.

On January 22, 1905, a crowd of peaceful demonstrators gathered before the Tsar's Winter Palace in St.

Terms included, shorter working hours, higher wages and better health care systems.

In conclusion, the result of poor government management over the economic problems and wars had impacted the people in the cities, especially the working class dramatically. To an extent I do not agree with this statement that the tsar learnt nothing as well as the people. Conclusion In 1905, the revolution was not organized, it was just popular and so it made it very uncoordinated and ineffective.

Petersburg–but the Tsar was absent, his ministers displayed uncertainty, and soldiers sensing the tension gunned down the marchers.

Hundreds died in a massacre that came to be known as "Bloody Sunday," and Russia plunged into chaos.In 1914, physical protests were common after Stoylpin addressed the reforms and demonstrations were bigger than ever.In 1917, when the second revolution broke out and had succeeded, it does effectively show that people gained knowledge out of their first attempt.Their conditions had worsened and had resulted them to gather together to address the situation to the Tsar by a petition in hopes that industrial action will be put forth. People also gained experience out of the situation.Also the delivery of the petition was a mere statement to show the Tsar how greatly of an impact it has affected them and that industrial action must be put forth immediately. The Tsar learned nothing and the people gained nothing from the 1905 revolution? They were able to improve their strategy and build a stronger force. [5] Bloody Sunday was an event in Russia in which had marked upon the beginning of the revolution in 1905.Estimation of around 200,000 people had marched towards the winter palace in 1905 to peacefully demonstrate and address the situation to the Tsar but was instead confronted with the police and the Cossacks.15% of the peasants in the countryside had found more wealth as they were introduced with the new reforms of making agriculture more efficient as they were looking towards the Tsars vision.This in a different view tells us that they learnt how to improve living standards."The uprising has begun," Lenin wrote in early February."Rivers of blood are flowing, the civil war for freedom is blazing up." The Third Social Democratic Party Congress was held in April and May, and this time Lenin dominated, stirring an enthusiastic response from the delegates as he leveled attack after attack on the Mensheviks.


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