Block Quotes In A Research Paper

is a very popular format requested by many teachers and publishers.

It is often used for English literature, history, art etc.

The APA, otherwise known as the American Psychological Association, developed its format of writing sometime ago when a few people discovered the need for an organized method of citing references in and outside of the text of a work.

A small effort has now become a staple and standard for many institutions.

And when quoting from these sources specific guidelines need to be in place according to the reviewers standards, or in most cases, the styling guide that is required by a school or publisher.

In most cases you will find that formatting styles are often associated with a particular discipline.

There are no quotation marks surrounding such quotes and the in-text citations are written in a similar fashion as that of short quotations.

is widely used as well in many educational settings and throughout several journal and news publications.

If the block quote is a relatively short one then it can be referenced using footnotes as well.

But in the event that it is a pretty long then the source information should be enclosed in parenthesis, and include (1) the author's name (2) publication year (3) and page number.*Another option for in-text referencing is the endnote.


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