Black Men And Public Space Essay

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Human beings have poured out their feelings onto paper, as long as there have been people interested in them.

Common themes have risen through the ages, such as the contrast between light and dark. In earlier times, we saw darkness as an interpretation of evil; likewise, light represented God and all good.

Here is Brent Staples essay “Black Men and Public Space” which was first published in Ms and widely anthologized since. According to the site where I found it, this version came from Harpers 12/86.

The numbers refer to the paragraphs; when citing this essay, reference paragraph numbers instead of page numbers. My first victim was a woman–white, well-dressed, probably in her late twenties.

Despite being a journalist, he has even had security called in on him at a Peo In this case, there was a black man entering a jewelry store; so of course he’s going to be mistaken as a thief.

I have seen store clerks take extra caution when a black or hispanic man walks into the store, assuming that there’s a high possibility they might steal something.Since the beginning of times, people have always been judged and treated based on their race or where they were born.For many minority groups that have been discriminated over the years, many writers and activists such as James Baldwin and Martin Luther King Jnr emerged from such communities and struggled through racial movements to help their communities receive better treatment and recognition in the society.As a result of his dangerous association the author realizes that it’s unsafe to be outside too.Race has always been a topic that is associated with different emotions, views, and thoughts for thousands of years. My community college students all purchase a textbook, 50 Essays edited by Samuel Cohen, which includes your essay. Staples, I would be happy to do so, and will do so immediately.Sometimes this can manifest in avoidance of the subject but in some occasions it can be a little more –active-.Staples writes, “And I soon gathered that being perceived as dangerous it’s a hazard in itself” (567).best, gwendolyn I’m disappointed that Brent Staples made this request but I understand why.I know what it’s like to feel like your content is stolen and distributed around the web, often to the benefit of someone else’s bank account.


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