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In this essay, we will concentrate on two examples of homeostasis, one that occurs in humans and one which occurs in plants.Firstly, we will discuss the control of blood glucose levels in mammals, and then will look at the role of plant stomata in regulating water loss.Some of the prevalent course works in the biology discipline are the osmosis coursework, Photosynthesis Coursework, Osmosis GCSE Coursework, A2 Biology Coursework, AS Biology Coursework, A Level Biology Coursework, GCSE Biology Coursework and many others.

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A concept important to homeostasis is the process of feedback circuits; involving a receptor, an effector, and a control centre.

A receptor is responsible for detecting a change in the body, while the effector corrects this.

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Biology Coursework Yeast

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Such effects should then cause the body temperature to rise to the optimal 37°C again, causing feedback to switch the circuit ‘off’.

If this does not occur, the circuit will continue to direct effectors to warm the body because the feedback will not be switched ‘off’.

Recent research, however has added another dimension to the accepted definition of homeostasis.

Scientists studying circadian rhythms (24-hour bodily cycles) have pointed out that the internal environment does not have completely constant ‘normal’ set point.


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