Bike Rental Business Plan

Encourage your customers to leave you a review and don't forget to add your business name and location to the back of the cards.

The very cool thing about it is that you can personalise it with the message you like (up to 250 characters).

You can direct the person to call you, email you or visit a link on your website.

Google My Business platform can make your business more visible on local search rankings and is one of the best ways to connect with customers and potential clients online. As a Google product, another plus is the platform really boosts your SEO quality (meaning Search Engine Optimisation which is responsible for your ranking on Google or what page you appear on when someone searches you).

On Google My Business you can upload all of your details including photos, videos, team member photos and even 360 degree panorama pictures of your bike shop.

They offer paid as well as many free ways to promote your bike rental business.

Surely you're using Facebook and Instagram already in some way but here are some little tricks we thought you could add to your accounts.

This would have solved the problem of low repeat usage rate despite of low order value, for instance around Rs 100 for few hours a day, but a steady scalability was in sight.

So Wicked Ride added commuter bike rental vertical - Metro Bikes in June 2015.

Social media has been getting a lot of negative attention recently. When growing your business is on the agenda, there are multiple ways that digital marketing through social media can boost your recognition and win you new customers.

Here is a list of the essential media platforms and online tools we found work best and play an increasingly vast role in the path of making more sales.


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