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Some features of myth are less controversial than others, and most writers agree on the following points:a. Myths may be distinguished from legends, in that they depict gods, rather than men, as their central figures. There is total agreement, however, that myths use only narrative form. But is this worldview exclusively the expression of pre-scientific notions? But there is no evidence that they ever signified something personal and active (cf. By contrast, the following will indicate the main outline of the Babylonian Creation Epic, which often has been cited in this selective way: The epic depicts domestic tensions between the pantheon, with extreme anthropomorphism.

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On the other hand, in many religions “light” is hardly contingent on sources within man’s world. In the Babylonian Creation Epic Marduk “divides” the body of Tiamat (IV. In Genesis God “divides” light from darkness (1:4) and heaven from earth (1:6-8).

The enigmatic character of such terms as “nephilim” (KJV “giants”) and “sons of God” tends to obscure all but the final significance which Childs suggests, and various explanations of the terms have been put forward (see articles under those titles).

Albright, New Horizons in Biblical Research, 32-35.

Stories about gods (less characteristically, if at all, about God) which have been narrated in a communal setting as occurrences of permanent significance, and which normally presuppose a given view of the world. On the other hand, some writers admittedly blur this distinction (e.g. They express ideas or events as tales which embody imaginative features; they are never abstract generalizations or analyses.b. In their own community setting, myths possess, or at least once possessed, the status of believed truth.

(But see “Problems of Definition” below.) The term “mythology” frequently denotes any body of myths, although more strictly it refers primarily to the study of myths. Problems of definition Definitions of myth are notoriously controversial, and remain acutely relevant to questions about the relationship between myth and the Bible. The popular notion of myth as fabricated fiction is strictly secondary, stemming from the fact that all but their earliest narrators regarded, say, the myths of ancient Greece, as notorious falsehood.


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