Best Thesis For Ece Students

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We used different sensors that sense temperature, moisture and humidity of the agricultural area.

Information on all sensor nodes is collected by the Zig Bee module and transmits the data to microcontroller connected with the wifi module that uploads the report on the cloud where a farmer can monitor those parameters in their Smartphones or PC on daily basis and take necessary steps to make their agriculture farm grow smart…

Projects are itself a very important part of education System.

Most importantly for an engineering student it’s a must.

It is a Giant Network of connecting things and people. If you want to know the temperature/Humidity of your home on a real-time basis, You can see it in your smart mobile whenever you want and where ever you might be the information reaches you with a single click.

With this simple and powerful technology, we can make many amazing projects to control any electronic devices at home or in Industries. Is it not interesting, All such can be done with devices which report you.If a engineer is not able to build something that can solve some real world problem . Many universities/colleges have some projects in their curriculum but some don’t have.As an engineering student I recommend you to make at least one project every semester ,it may not be a very big project but that’s OK.In Our project we used the DHT11 sensor for sensing temperature and humidity, Arduino microcontroller is used to control the devices and ESP8266-01 as the Wifi module which has the facility to upload data to Io T cloud(Thingspeak).https:// As the scope for Automation is increasing, many industries and organizations are looking over a better option that can be only Io T. We used many sensors that can help in sensing all-weather monitoring parameters and Raspberry Pi gathers all the information from them and uploads it to the Thingspeak cloud which is a wonderful application platform for Io T, where you can see the report that sensors send you.We can also extend these applications to coordinate the ambulance according to the traffic status.We have used Raspberry Pi and Camera to monitor the traffic in real-time and upload the report to the traffic control officer’s panel.With the rapid increase in the number of users of the internet over the past decade has made the Internet a part and parcel of life, and Io T is the latest and emerging internet technology.Io T Technology waves us to the world where we can connect, interact and command any Device using the Internet.In many metropolitan cities, it is being difficult for the traffic Management team to control it.So, Io T can help the traffic system to be automated and monitor the traffic status using the internet.


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