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I'm already 9 in Google and 6 in Yahoo for my most important keyword, and I haven't even done half of the things you advise.

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In all my years as an SEO consultant, I can’t begin to count the number of times I saw clients who were struggling to make both SEO and affiliate marketing work for them.

When their site rankings dropped, they immediately started blaming it on the affiliate links.

In that case you get 33% commission earning $32.91 for just leading this person to our website. We'll provide you with a variety of banners, text links and other creatives carrying your affiliate ID.

You just choose the link or banner that you think will work best for your visitors and put it on your website.

So there’s absolutely no reason for them to compete against each other.

Instead, they should work together in perfect balance so that the site generates more revenue.

Man, you really got me sweating out with your SEO guide. Now that I know my guide is really working I want to get it through to as many people as possible.

I've got more visitors than pots to sell, and I've already mentioned being lazy, haven't I. Naturally, I won't be able to do this on my own since I've got a lot of other work to do. Help me promote my book and you'll earn good money.

In the book I never say that you can't do SEO without this software at all, as I always show a longer but 100% free way to do the same things.

Still, after reading the guide 2 out of 7 people choose efficiency and buy either one or all of the mentioned tools. I offer you to become affiliate promoters of , and earn money by helping people get a grip on free SEO advice.


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