Best Relative Of The Year Essay

Acceptable explanations can range from why one essay seemed easier than the other to why one essay seemed more interesting to write than the other. Borrowed from psychology, functional fixedness is a term that describes our patterns of perception.This most popular writing course uses the personal essay to explore narration, description, and reflection.Students learn to use vivid descriptions, specific details, figurative language, and variety in sentence structure.Here is an example: You probably have a morning routine.You wake up, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth, wash your face, put on your robe, and go to the kitchen to eat breakfast.These patterns are functional because they help us perform life's simple jobs.Because these patterns help us function smoothly, we use them repeatedly until they become a habit that is fixed.Students can work morning, noon, or night, so long as they meet the deadlines.Students deliver work by uploading it to a private space.Exercises demonstrate how to find and make explicit evaluation standards, how to choose an audience and a persona appropriate for that audience, and how to match evaluation standards of the audience and persona.Final Writing Assignment: Revise your draft narrative from Lesson 3 beginning either in the middle (in media res) or at the end (framed narrative).


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