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Helicopters beat overhead while the students marched.” Read more…“Día de los Muertos could be summed up by a question I heard one masquerader ask another as the procession moved down 24th street.

She shielded her candle, leaned over and asked, ‘Who are you remembering tonight?

You can see the three essays awarded a Highly Commended here 2018 photo Essays awarded a merit can be seen here Based on the photo essays or picture stories that have appeared in newspapers and magazines for years, the idea is to tell a story or present images around a theme.

Images can, but don’t have to be, accompanied by a short story or captions, just like in a magazine.

It can only be presented as a Powerpoint presentation or as a slideshow in MP4 format.

There is to be no sound accompanying your photo essay, nor are you allowed to edit your images other than the traditional ethical newspaper adjustments such as brightness and contrast or colour changes.John Mc Cain's memorials weaves poignant images with videos from the multiday event to form a touching tribute worthy of a man who so ardently served his country from service member to senator.Photographer Tom Brenner's hauntingly beautiful opening image honestly captures the reverence Sen.Our new Photo Essay is designed to get you thinking differently, so rather than simply taking one image, you will need at least five images (but no more than nine). The image should represent the scene faithfully as the photographer recorded it. The story or theme is more important than the technical quality of your images.This concept is based on a section of the Walkley Awards, which is an Australia wide annual journalism award. Having said that, your images must be of reasonable quality, for no self-respecting publication would publish poor quality images unless the news value was astronomical.The National Museum in Rio de Janeiro is not only Brazil's crown jewel of historic preservation, but this 200-year-old museum is one of the largest in the Americas with some 20 million objects dating as far back as the Early Cretaceous period. With travel being more accessible to a lot of people these days, this piece from the Guardian is a reminder of how some cities are bearing the weight.While some of these items were recovered safely before being lost to the inferno, it is sadly estimated that 90% of the museum's holdings have been lost.—G. On the one hand, it can be argued that Barcelona did too good a job in promoting itself as a destination, especially in a region that's already got established tourism giants like Paris and London.They’ve stamped the place with funky found art and authentic New York pizza.” Read more…I’m not a football person outside of Friday Night Lights reruns but I still found this photo essay captivating.’” Read more…“Just north of Palm Springs and on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park, the town of Joshua Tree is a tiny outpost (population: 7,500) in the high desert of the Mojave.Isolated, rugged and brutally hot during the summer, it’s not the type of place you’d think would be so attractive to artists and eccentrics, yet it is.


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