Best Books To Use On The Sat Essay

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If you’re an extraordinarily talented and/or hard-working student, buying just the Official Guide might suffice (or even just the free online SAT practice tests).

On the other extreme, if you have drifted through school and recently regained your scholarly zest, an ensemble of books might be required to get yourself battle-ready.

For instance, it drills down on the meaning of a “standardized test”, and how the most basic concepts can be twisted to test the “attention-to-detail” and weed out the less serious candidates.

It also stresses the importance of quickly eliminating wrong answer choices as a way of saving time.

However, it maxes out at a certain “hard-level” and does not sufficiently incorporate the top quartile of the difficulty of the actual test.

Buy it on Amazon: Click here If you want to learn the SAT Math in entirety, it is a very good book.All the traps and nuances of the test can be seen through various question types, and an aspirant gets a chance to peek into the mind of the test-setter.4 full-length practice tests with explanations is a gold-mine for SAT practice.Moreover, some questions are way too difficult and do not accurately depict the level of questions you are likely to encounter on the actual SAT.Buy it on Amazon: Click here Though the book is not updated for the new SAT pattern, it is still important to have a look at its contents at-least once as it gets you thinking about SAT in the right way.Buy it on Amazon: Click here It is a good introduction for students who want to warm-up to the test without deep-diving into the details.It serves as a question bank for the folks who are just starting with their preparation.Notwithstanding the good strategic advice the book contains, it lacks the fundamental content to correct mistakes or explain a particular topic.Hence, it is a good supplementary material but not a standalone book to go with.However, the verbal section is lacking and could be avoided altogether.Some buyers felt there is not enough cohesion in a typical essay, and the reader might end up learning the wrong things.


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