Bernard Marx Brave New World Essay

Bernard Marx Brave New World Essay-63
Bernard Marx, an Alpha plus who never quite fits in, is dissatisfied from the start with the limitations of his life in the World State.

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She engages in meaningless sexual relationships, numbs herself with soma, and is unable to connect emotionally to John.

Tragically, Lenina’s lack of humanity leads to her death at John's hands. He is an outsider at the Indian reservation, as well as when he returns to the World State.

He has a series of conflicts with the World State and its values. He refuses to come to Bernard’s parties and he is horrified when Lenina tries to seduce him.

When he finds that his mother has taken so much soma that she doesn’t know she is dying, John finally snaps.

He later goes through a process of trying to fit in due to his newfound celebrity as the person who brought back the Savage.

However, in the end, he accepts Mond's words that he will be happier in exile on a far-away island.

It’s such horribly bad form to go on and on like this with one man” (Huxley 41).

After a continued struggle, Lenina ultimately conforms to the expectations of the World State.

She also shows other glimpses of nonconformity, such as maintaining an exclusive relationship with Henry Foster for several months.

Her friend Fanny warns Lenina of the dangers of this relationship when she scolds, “I really do think you ought to be careful.


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