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Because of other circumstances I can graduate "with Honors" with or without it, so it would purely be adding to my major, not so much my overall graduation status.Either way I will have some volunteer experience in labs in my field, and a decent GPA, etc.The Honors College is here to support you throughout this process.

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For samples of theses in your discipline, please refer to our Thesis Archive. Graduate schools frequently require writing or research samples as part of the application process and this criteria is often weighed heavily in evaluating your skills and preparation for succeeding in their programs.

The honors thesis/creative project can also be beneficial to those entering the job market.

For some students, this takes the form of a , a formal academic article based on disciplinary conventions.

You can use your research to create a capstone that can take many forms – a website, a community service project, an exhibition, etc.

Talk with your adviser about opportunities to pursue these types of projects within your major requirements.

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Take a look at Five Essential Skills for Every Undergraduate Researcher To make your research experience the most valuable, it should arise from a passion for a particular topic and approach to knowledge.This work can provide tangible evidence of your research, writing and creative skills to prospective employers.Honors theses/creative projects demonstrate experience with design, execution, analysis, and presentation in your field of study.Please explore the resources available in the Senior Honors Thesis Handbook to you to ensure your success.Although successful completion of a Senior Honors Thesis is required of anyone who wishes to graduate summa cum laude ("with highest honors") from the College of Arts & Sciences, there are multiple benefits that one could realize from pursuing an independent undergraduate research project.Pursuing a Senior Honors Thesis will allow you to conduct an independent undergraduate research project about a subject of particular interest to you.An independent study project or senior thesis is a large, individual research project that students take on during their junior or senior year in college, often to fulfill a graduation requirement.Would an undergraduate thesis in my field greatly help my graduate program applications?Does it matter if the thesis is based on original research or literature review? It's not so much the finished product, the thesis, but the process of getting there and putting the work in.In most cases, the student is involved from the initial planning through implementation to final product.These projects often are the culminating work of a student's studies at a particular institution.


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