Being A Good Neighbour Essay

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He is never found wanting whenever I need his advice or help.

He is ever ready to sacrifice his rest or comfort for my sake.

We have given both long and short My Neighbour essay to help you with the topic in your exams as well as competitions.

All the essays are well worded by an experienced English content writer and able to fulfill your requirement; so, you can choose any one of them as per your need: It feels safe, secure and pleasant living in a neighbourhood surrounded by helpful and positive people.

Ultimately, they’re looking to reside in a pleasant, friendly and safe environment, too. Good Neighbors Are Trustworthy You want to feel safe knowing packages, mail and items left behind in the laundry room will not be stolen. Ultimately, while you can choose where to live, you can’t choose your neighbors.

Do your research before moving into a new apartment.His mature advice is very valuable for me not only in theory but also in practice He is highly considerate and extremely accommodating. He is always full of sympathy, love and affection for me. He is a great prop to me in this dark and dreary life.He is a pillar of strength to me in the midst of storms and tempests of my life.There have been several incidents during these years where they have proved to be of great help and support.I remember the day I was alone at home with my grandmother. There have been numerous such incidents wherein they have helped us. Our relatives, living far off, may not be in a position to help us in our troubles and sorrows, but a good neighbour is ever ready to help us when we face misfortunes. He can easily help us whenever we may need his help.Though older in age, he is the merriest and most suitable for company.Good Neighbors Are Friendly A good neighbor is someone who is nice and approachable.No one says you have to be best friends with the person across the hall, but you should at least be able to smile and say hello to the person and receive some sort of friendly response, as opposed to a glare or simply being ignored.His mature experience is always there to guide me in this world and save me from pitfalls.He is the most unselfish and self-sacrificing man I have ever come across.


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