Behavioral Psychology Essay

The food acted as an Behavioral psychology uses this basic principle of conditioning to re-train people who suffer from psychological disorders, by re-training the conditioned responses people have toward specific conditioned stimuli.

The military formerly didn’t employ psychologists, but in the mid-twentieth century psychologists provided the military with useful research about the military’s hiring practices and the performance of military personnel under adverse environmental conditions (for example, the effects of fatigue and oxygen deprivation upon aviators), and the military now employs psychologists extensively.

Cognitive psychologists have played a major role in modern education.

Conditioning is one of the main themes of behaviorists, and they name two major types of conditioning, .

Classical conditioning was discovered by Ivan Pavlov during his famous experiment with dogs. Pavlov then rang the bell without feeding the dog, and the dog salivated at the sound of the bell.

But due to the persistence of cognitive psychologists in presented their research findings to politicians and judges, forensic psychology now plays a major role in the US court systems.

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Cognitive psychologists have had a similar influence on the US military.

Pavlov had conditioned the dog to respond to the bell by salivating.

Pavlov’s experiment served as the one of the cornerstones of behaviorism.

Perhaps its most useful purpose is in correcting behavioral problems in children and young adults, particularly in those who are in trouble with the law.

Here are some common techniques used: Chaining breaks a task down into its component parts and then teaches the simplest component first.


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