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In this post, which will require little commentary on my part, I will select passages related to time.

He accepts regretfully the sacred ruler and compass of literary geometry.

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But what is attainment: The identification of the subject with the object of his desire.

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The subject has died–and perhaps many times–on the way.I propose to examine these ideas under three headings. Beckett is sympathetic to Proust's pessimism but wishes «to clarify this too abstract and arbitrary statement of Proust's pessimism» (p. In this connection he calls on two key Schopenhauerian ideas : the image of man as Tantalus — man as a bundle of desires never satisfied, and that summed up in Calderon's line «For man's greatest offence/Is that he has been born». Life in time («the double-headed monster of damnation and salvation») is tragic but in art we transcend time and experience moments of consolation and joy.In this connection Beckett calls on Schopenhauer's definition of art as «the contemplation of the world independent of the principle of sufficient reason» . The influence of Descartes 's philosophical ideas is formative and well established (4), but less well established (5) — though just as formative —are Schopenhauer's philosophical ideas.It is clear from Proust however that Beckett took philosophical ideas very seriously indeed.Lazily considered in anticipation and in the haze of our smug will to live, of our pernicious and incurable optimism, it seems exempt from the bitterness of fatality: in store for us, not in store in us.On occasions, however, it is capable of supplementing the labours of its colleague.It is only necessary for its surface to be broken by a date, by any temporal specification allowing us to measure the days that separate us from a menace–or a promise.Swann, for example, contemplates with doleful resignation the months that he must spend away from Odette during the summer.[I looked it up for you: The conception of a second embryo, during the gestation of the first.JE] Such as it was, it has been assimilated to the only world that has reality and significance, the world of our own latent consciousness, and its cosmography has suffered a dislocation….


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