Barbie Research Paper

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To protect her Barbie from her sister, Prof Anne constructed a Barbie house and installed a working alarm system.

This led her to win prize in her schools science fair.

These include the fact that Barbie either reminded them of their childhood that they no longer felt part of, or because Barbie was symbolic of the sexualized adult female like their mother (Talbot n.pagn).

Most girls do not want to have a toy that resembles their mother.

After years of improvements on the appearance of Barbie doll, Barbie’s Doll’s manufacturer Mattel Inc.

introduced the talking doll branded Teen Talk Barbie.

Additionally, the fact that Barbie’s career life ventured into piloting, medicine, entrepreneurship acts as motivation to women to explore careers previously thought as masculine.

In this case Barbie liberates women (Reid-Walsh and Mitchell 175).

Studies done on Barbie Doll’s physical attributes suggest that she promotes an unrealistic idea of an ideal feminine body image.

These Studies reveal that Barbie Doll possesses an attractive body, which is also symbolic of good health, vitality and beauty.


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