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Study on How do Islamic bank cooperate with conventional bank in international trade Study on How do Islamic bank cooperate with central banks in conventional environment Structure and functions The function of commercial banking: Compare the Islamic and conventional banks Structure of Islamic bank : compare with the conventional bank Internalization of Islamic banks Customer relationship between the conventional and Islamic banks Profit and Loss sharing mechanism of Islamic Bank Interbank Interbank transaction of Islamic bank – current system and proposals Interbank borrowing of Islamic banks Tawarruq as a tool of interbank borrowing Interbank bench mark for Islamic banks – proposals Mergers and Acquisition Cross border mergers and acquisition of Islamic banks Do mergers or acquisition will affect the efficiency of Islamic banks Islamic banks entry – from a country perspective Corporate governance, accounting and Risk management Risk management in Islamic banks Corporate social responsibility Islamic bank and corporate social responsibility Islamic banking and poverty alleviation Corporate Social Responsibility of Islamic Banks Performance Performance of Islamic bank and conventional bank in a selected country Measuring the productivity of Islamic banking Islamic Banks performance in industrial lending Measuring the performance of Islamic Banks Customer relationship, marketing, strategy Investigating the Customer Relationship Management in Islamic banks – (case can be taken from any bank or country perspective) Investigating the customer loyalty in Islamic banks Identifying the competitive strategy of Islamic banks: a comparison with conventional banks Developing a model for customer loyalty in Islamic banks Brand management of Islamic Financial institutions Customer loyalty for Islamic banks Consumer behavior for Islamic credit cards Customer perception of Islamic banking windows in Conventional Banks Investigating the CRM activities in Islamic Banks Switching behavior of Conventional banks to Islamic Banks – An international perspective Credit crises Islamic mortgage system as a solution for current credit crises The effect of credit crises in Islamic banking Measuring the effect of credit crises in Islamic Banking Islamic banks less affected by credit crises History, development and challenges Development or establishment of issues of Islamic banking – in particular country or region Islamic Banking in (country) – Development, perspectives and evolution Challenges faced by the Islamic banks Challenge: Arabic terminology – Merits and demerits General Islamic banking and knowledge management Knowledge Management in Islamic banks Skill gap and recruitment gap for Islamic financial institution Sharia’a board Sharia’a Boards in Islamic banks Influence of religious boards or Sharia’a councils in Islamic banks Islamic Economics Fiscal policy Islamic economy Inflation in Islamic economy How Islamic economy can reduce the inflation Contribution of Islamic economy in infrastructure development of developing country How the choices made by human race in Islamic economic system with scare resources Is resource scare in Islamic Economy?Opportunity cost from Islamic Economics perspectives Reducing the effects of climate change Development of SME in Islamic based economies Islamic economy and Adams Smith a comparative study Labor migration in Islamic economy Unemployment and Islamic economic system How Islamic economic system can reduce the unemployment Solution for unemployment under the Islamic economy Poverty alleviation in Islamic economy Islamic economic model as solution for global economic crises International trade under Islamic economic model Foreign exchange depreciation and appreciation in Islamic economic model Micro finance in Islamic economy How Market equilibrium decided in Islamic economy Comparative analysis of socio-economic development of Islamic economy and socialist economy Comparative analysis of socio-economic development of Islamic economy and capitalistic economy How the Islamic economic models contribute to the productivity increase Contribution of Islamic economy for financial stability and macroeconomic gains Capital mobility in Islamic economic system Islamic finance system and economical growth Islamic finance system and economical growth Islamic banks in poverty alleviations Economical functions of Islamic Financial Market Islamic Capital Market How does an Islamic financial market works Investment: An Islamic perspective Development or Growth of Islamic capital market The products in Islamic capital market Filtering the stocks for Islamic investments New topics (latest edition) Analysis of derivatives instruments by Islamic banks Comparative study of Islamic and Conventional banks Compare Value at Risk between Sukuk and conventional bonds Credit Risk Management in Islamic and Conventional Banks: Analysis Derivatives instrument used in Islamic Finance Financial engineering in Islamic finance industry : Country comparison.

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How corporate governance is different from conventional banking and Islamic banking How Islamic banks can help in Economic Development Islamic banking experiences : A country comparative analysis or study Islamic Banking in the …….

(country): Opportunities and threats Islamic Banking Theories and Practices : country analysis Islamic banking windows/ system into Conventional Banking Systems Islamic Finance: As an alternative social responsible and ethical investing.

Students have to search for relevant data themselves. We offer literature reviews about certain streams of research within the broad Area of Corporate Finance.

All necessary data can usually be extracted from annual statements on companys' homepages and Datastream (access provided by the chair). Literature reviews put a strong weight on literature research.

Graduate students can take their elective courses on-line from the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) obtain the professional designation called Associate of the Institute of Canadian Bankers (AICB).

Additionally, through our established cooperation with CSI, students can also take Canadian Securities Course (CSC) which is recognized as the industry benchmark and delivers the training employers demand particularly for securities dealership/agent positions.These proposal includes the marketing, information technology , strategic management, human resource management and contemporary thoughts.The author expects contribution from the researchers and students for preparation of dissertation or thesis topic selection( These just sample can be modified as per user requirements) Topics Islamic banking Islamic Financial Instruments Islamic Financial Instruments development The role of Sharia’a boards in Islamic financial instrument development The sources of uses of funds in Islamic banks Islamic banking product to help the international trade Compare the customer deposits between Islamic and conventional bank Murabaha or Ijara : The best financing Mudaraba or Musharaka : The best equity financing Cooperation with…. S.) program in Banking and Finance is designed to equip graduate students with specialized analytical skills applicable to their professional interests in corporate finance, investment appraisal/cost-benefit analysis, project finance, financial risk management, commercial and investment banking, international finance, and financial economics. With thesis option, students take four core courses plus three elective courses and a master’s thesis. degree in Banking and Finance in two ways: With thesis or non-thesis option.Check the scholarships to see whether you are eligible to apply.Many scholarships are either merit-based or needs-based.Dissertation proposals – Doctoral Level and master level These are dissertation or thesis proposal.Researcher are free to develop based on these themes.The selection of dissertation topic is not an imaginative activity.The student start the topic selection keeping their interest area and available information to them.


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