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The Oxford ATLAS group has a world-leading physics program with major responsibilities in the areas of: Our Research Activities The ATLAS detector ran successfully during LHC operations and recorded roughly 27 fb-1 of proton-proton collision data which has not all been analysed yet.

Major responsibilities of the Oxford ATLAS group include: Thesis Topics New Ph D students are expected to work in a combination of the above areas.

I initially used this technique to study pulsars but soon realized that it had larger applications.

The issue of anomalous velocity distributions in galaxies suggested the presence of undetected mass so I used polarization diversity interferometry, the technique that I had developed to examine a completely unrelated phenomena, to study mass distribution in Seyfert galaxies.

During 2015-2018 the LHC delivered proton-proton collisions at record-breaking energies and luminosity.

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We now are producing Higgs bosons in large numbers, allowing us to enter the "precision era" of Higgs physics.This led to a confirmation of the existence of dark matter in such structures.I wrote two papers on the subject, one on polarization diversity interferometery and the other on “Non Newtonian processes in barred spiral galaxies”. I was working as a radio astronomer when pulsars were first detected and became fascinated by the discovery.I developed an observational method that used the polarization structure of signals to examine the path taken by photons from the source to the observer.The experiment also has high sensitivity to new physics effects by looking for enhanced rates of heavy flavour decays that are otherwise very rare in the Standard Model, or in unexpected angular distributions of such decays.The LHCb detector has already collected a wealth of data, the analysis of which will likely form a significant fraction of the doctorate work.For us this is a very exciting time, with great opportunities to discover new particles, to test theories and to explore nature at smallest scales with the most powerful accelerator in the world.The period 2019-2020 will be an exciting one, as we explore the energy frontier, and prepare hardware, software and analysis improvements for the major detector upgrades planned for the years ahead.LHCb makes precision studies of CP violation in the decays of beauty and charm hadrons ('heavy flavour physics') at the CERN LHC.LHCb searches for physics beyond the Standard Model by investigating departures from the unitarity of the CKM matrix and checking whether or not this provides a consistent picture of observed CP-violation.


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