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Several edited volumes on beauty pageants exist, but they do not discuss child beauty pageants.

Some other general books about pageantry mention child beauty pageants, such as Savage 1998 and Lovegrove 2002; Merino 2010 has two chapters on child beauty pageants. The Stevens volume, along with Scaglia 2010, are two examples of why the reader must be wary when it comes to studying child beauty pageants.

Invariably, the mother is responsible for grooming the child.

There have been several incidents of children who have faced irritations and expressed their discomfort in the application of a series of makeup items so as to looking beautiful (Phang).

Young girls have to go through excessive beauty treatments like tanning, waxing and other cosmetic treatments which may help to enhance their looks.

Such treatments may be painful and irritating for the soft and sensitive skin of young girls.

Traditional teen pageants, such as America’s Junior Miss, are not included in this discussion.

While child beauty pageants have existed in the United States for decades, they were thrust into the media spotlight after the 1996 death of Jon Benét Ramsey.

One of the most controversial issues surrounding beauty pageants is engaging children, especially young girls to take part in such activities.

America, alone has, around, 3 million children, maximum young girls aged between 6 months to 16 years taking part in beauty pageants.


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